Lionel Messi and the US business that would bring him closer to MLS

Next season, Lionel Messi will end his contract with PSG, so his future is in the air…or maybe not. The Argentine would have a great deal that would bring him closer to wanting to live in the United States And in one of those, I play in the MLS.

But, first things first. Before leaving Barcelona, Lionel Messi stated in an interview that he would like to live in the United States and play for MLS. This recognition surprised both locals and outsiders, although it is known that the comfort in which the Argentine lives is what he is looking for.

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He signed for two years with PSG and after the first, there are more questions than answers about his performance and that is it He was not the same Messi we saw with BarcelonaIn fact, it wasn’t even close to being there. He has not even reached double digits in the number of goals he has scored this season.

Although his future was closely linked to a return to Barcelona, ​​even his father He said upon his arrival in the city in May 2022what or what I hope his son will come back to the club one day. The bad thing is that things don’t look good for a potential comeback.

Barcelona is still not out of its economic crisis and although it was not what it was a few months ago, Already turning the page on Lionel Messi He is trying to adjust to life without the best culé player in the history of the team.

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Unforgettable first love!  Leo Messi: "Someday I will return to Barcelona"
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Messi and the work that brings him closer to the American Premier League

According to the information received from Kandel Alex for Live TVLionel Messi was already almost equal Buying 35% of Inter Miami’s shares. That’s right, he will own one of the newly created teams in MLS.

It does not end there, because Lionel Messi will become not only a contributor to Inter Miami, but also a player and He will arrive after the end of his contract with Paris Saint-GermainI mean, From season 2023-2024.

In addition, he can meet with his beloved friend Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan at the end of the season will look for a new team after his time with Atleti and Inter Miami could be an unbeatable option, and I could have waited for Lionel Messi in the MLS.

MLS Inter Miami
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