Liga de Quito plans to set only three for this year 2021

Esteban Paz, President Football Special Commission, Revealed details of how the 2021 team will be structured. After several meetings with the coaching staff, a list of players who will leave the club has been drawn up; Also those who will replenish.

In this sense, Paz confirmed that an agreement had already been reached with the goalkeeper. Adrian Jabarini. The Argentine will remain at the club for two additional seasons, with the possibility of extending the contract for another two seasons. He confirmed that Captain Albu is expected to be nationalized in the coming days. This would free up the share of foreigners.

“With Adrián Gabbarini, he has already arranged for another two years and with the possibility of another third year,” he said in an interview with Mundo Deportivo.

Now all you need is Banners closed three reinforcements. Paz avoided giving names, but confirmed that one of them would be a replacement for Uruguay’s Rodrigo Aguirre. The striker will not continue at the club and there is already an offer for him abroad.

“It was only for Rodrigo Aguirre that we received offers. We have not received any kind of offers for any other player,” Paz said. As revealed, the Nykaxa He’ll be interested in 9 de los albos, but on loan.

The economic situation was not the best for the university. The epidemic caused millions of losses and that is the reason for the club He decided to cut his budget. This also caused the relocation plans to be modified. Unlike last season, in 2021, two or three players will be appointed.

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“The normal markets for Ecuadorian football are affected by the epidemic,” he said.

He also denied that the club was interested Christian Pinella, Which was until December in US MLS.

“We didn’t try to speak to Christian Pinella in MLS. What can I say they do Get 2 or 3 players The maximum support for Al Qaeda. “

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