LGBT Cuban in Russia asks for help: ‘I find myself on the street’

An LGBT Cuban, identified on social media as Jirka Garcia, posted on Facebook on Saturday asking for help because she was helpless on the streets of Moscow.

In the Facebook group “Cubans in Moscow,” Garcia counting Who has nowhere to go and who has been on the street for days in the harsh climate of Russia.

“Now I am inside a building protecting myself from the cold. Please, I am asking for help, I am alone. Someone help me, I am ready to work, I just need a place to be (…) I am very cold,” the migrant wrote.

She also left her cell phone number +79855383452 for people interested in helping her.

Cuban on the streets of Moscow

The Facebook post has more than 100 comments from netizens She expressed her concern about the situation of migrants, especially in light of the low temperatures recorded in Russia.

For several years, thousands of Cubans have been traveling to Russia in search of work, since the country does not require visas from the island’s citizens.

However, adapting to the new country, which has a completely different lifestyle and harsh climate, is not easy.

Some Cubans who make this trip They must undertake informal work in order to survive as migrants.

ADN Cuba attempted to contact Jirka García, but at the time of writing had not received any response.

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