Lewis Hamilton Wants To Have His Autobiography With Will Smith?

United kingdom. – In the last issue of Oscars Will Smith He went around the world for slapping the comedian Chris Rock. The actor caused a major scandal, minutes before he won the Best Actor award for his role as Richard WilliamsCamel calm And the Venus. A movie that got great reviews, but it inspired a superstar: Lewis Hamilton.

Smith and Hamilton know each other quite a bit. The actor usually participates as a guest in some race on the calendar and is always in the British box. In addition, Hamilton is a great friend of Serena and Venus Williams, who once also invited him to his field in Formula 1. That’s why Hamilton singled out Will’s work in The Sisters.

Although he did not talk about filming, casting, or production, the seven-time world champion confirmed that he plans to shoot his movie. In his words, this will be very useful to people who have experienced the same suffering as the British. In addition, he confirmed that there is already a documentary about his career and that he is in no hurry to make a movie.

If you can make an impact on people and make a positive impact, if your story can have a positive impact even on one person or one family, that would be great. So I think yes, maybe one day I will try to do the same. I’ve been inspired by what Will Smith has done with his team and with a couple of icons like Venus and Serena, I’m very proud of them, so maybe one day‘, it was confirmed.

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Behind every successful person there is always someone and I agree with that because I have a wonderful family, without which I would not be here today. I hope that at some point, I can do something similar, which I think is inspiring to all kinds of familiesAdded Hamilton, who has always been interested in the entertainment world.

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