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The GPS navigation apps we use have helped us on several occasions in different aspects, starting from giving us directions to a particular place, the time it will take us to reach our destination using different modes of transport, real-time traffic, our speed when moving, tolls, accidents and even data about the weather.

We cannot deny that one of the most used applications by Internet users is the Google Maps application, which is developed by Google and is factory installed on all Android mobile phones. Despite its great popularity, thousands of users complain about various aspects, such as the confusion they feel when left without data or internet connection, the tracking they do of the places you have visited, and recently the terrible appearance of the streets and roads through the colors they use on their maps, Which appears to be copied from Waze.

What app will replace Google Maps?

If you are looking for an effective alternative to replace Google Maps for a better offline navigation experience, then you can try the app Organic mapsThis is a map based GPS navigation and navigation app OpenStreetMap. It is considered an open source, data-tracking-free alternative to apps like Google Maps. The app uses OpenStreetMap and offers an interface similar to other navigation apps. It allows searching for points of interest and provides an aerial view and public transport layers. It is one of the most important advantages that it enjoys Organic maps is that the maps are downloaded to the device, allowing it to be used without an internet connection, making it ideal for outdoor activities or in areas with limited data coverage. In addition, the app ensures user privacy by not collecting any data about its use, so it is a very popular choice for cyclists, hikers, tourists, and travelers.

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What are the salient features of organic maps?

According to the official data from Organic Maps Homepage, these are the main features that make it stand out from other navigation apps:

Organic Maps, Appearance, Credits for OrganicMaps

– Detailed offline maps with places not found on other maps, thanks OpenStreetMap.

– Cycling trails, hiking trails and paths

– Contour lines, elevation profiles, peaks and slopes

– Turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance on foot, bike or car, Android Auto

– Quick search on map and offline

-Bookmarks are exported and imported in KML/KMZ formats, and GPX import

– Dark mode to protect your eyes

Countries and regions do not occupy a large area

-It is free and open source

Important points in favor

According to its developers, in addition to the points mentioned, the application Organic maps It's free of trackers and other bad things that usually affect users, and a lot of emphasis is put on this interesting app: no ads, no trackers, no data collection, no secret connection to any server, no annoying logs, with no tutorials Mandatory, no spam, no notifications, no junk components. If you like seamless apps that don't have all that, Organic Maps is your best choice for navigation.

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