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It will start on June 27th WimbledonThis year’s third major tournament and the most traditional ever when it comes to respecting the “essence” of white sport.

This 2022 edition will be a completely special edition, considering that He will not have players of Russian nationality Because of the sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom on the government of Vladimir Putin, It will not award points for ATP and WTA ratings.

Of course, anyone who manages to win a London green will keep a large sum of money. the total, The English Championship will award 40.35 million pounds in prizes ($51 million), much more generous than the sum of the previous edition that Went to $16 million. Singles finalists will receive $1.25 millionWhile Heroes will get 2.45 million.

The tournament offers a significant increase compared to recent years. For example, in 2019 (the last tournament was normal before the epidemic) an increase of 5.4% was observed. Whereas, if the latest release in 2021 is taken as a reference, the percentage increases to 17% profit for participants.

Participants in the previous rounds will receive $13,000 and $62,000, who enter the first round of the historic tournament on turf (11% more than in 2019). This rise in awards explains from one place, the organization’s plan to maintain the prestige of the tournament.

To put more in context, it can be compared to the awards given at the 2022 edition of Roland Garros. Rafael Nadal He earned $2,300,000 for being the champion, while taking second place Casper Roadearned $1,100,000.

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“From the qualifying rounds to the title, this year’s squad aims to show the importance the players attach to this tournament,” he explained. Ian Hewittpresident of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club (AELTC), organizer of Wimbledon.


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