Left congressmen unite to defend Peruvian president

In this position, the progressive deputies agreed on the differences and prevented the popular victory that he had obtained Castillo in the poll.

Former Prime Minister Guido Peledo of the ruling party, free peru (PL), asserted that the group “will in no way support a motion for a vacancy (dismissal)” made by three far-right positions in the Congress of the Republic.

He added that despite the contradictions regarding the recent formation of the new ministerial government, there is no doubt in defense of Castillo and democracy.

On the differences in the bench, he explained that there is no division, but rather two “different opinions”, one of whom is a true party fighter and another who joined him as allies, most of whom are union members in the teaching profession. .

Lawmaker Edgar Tello, also of that line-up, agreed with Peledo in noting that they were united about refusing to dismiss Castillo, which he called undemocratic.

“We are in one idea and in this sense we are joining forces against the vacancy that the right is blatantly looking for,” he said.

He added that “the authority is united in facing this request.”

Anticipating the failure of the proposal, Peledo said it stemmed from the right-wing parties’ failure to forgive Castillo for his election as president.

For her part, the leader of Peru’s new movement, Veronica Mendoza, endorsed her organization’s support for the head of state, in a speech at the opening of Congress.

He called on the democratic forces to “reject the putschists who do not recognize the results of the elections, which are causing vacancy from the first day of the new government and despising democracy.”

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Mendoza added that the coup “cannot be played” and warned that silence or a perverted position to equate coup and democracy are forms of collusion with the conspiracy.

He warned that the right’s goal is not only to oust Castillo, but to “destroy democracy to preserve its privileges and evade justice,” referring to Keiko Fujimori, president of Fuerza Popular (FP).

FP is one of the parties promoting the vacant presidential office and its president is awaiting a lawsuit for money laundering and other crimes for which the prosecutor in the case is asking for 30 years and 10 months in prison.

On the other hand, parliamentarian Jorge Montoya, of the Popular Renewal Party, said his line-up supported the proposal but acknowledged that if it were voted on, it would not reach the two-thirds majority (87 out of 130 members of Congress), required for approval by the legislative plenary. .

He added that it would be in the president’s interest to appear before the plenum and answer lawmakers’ questions, as well as to “put his government on the right track”, that is, to keep it within the confines of the current neoliberal order.

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