Lebron James to Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I will never shut up when something goes wrong

American basketball player LeBron James, the current NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, responded to Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who had criticized him for “putting his opinion on politics” and made clear that he “will never be silent when he sees.” Something that’s wrong. “

“I have over 300 kids in my (Promise School) who need a voice and I am theirs … I’ll never shut up when something goes wrong,” James said in an interview with ESPN after 102 from Los Angeles. Victory 93. Lakers over Portland Trail Blazers.

He continued, “I speak in the name of my people, and I speak of equality, social injustice, racism, and the systematic suppression of voices. I am the wrong man to go to: I always do my homework.”

During the week, Ibrahimovi, the AC Milan star, pointed out against him and against athletes with social and political obligations: “What he does is exceptional, however, I don’t like it when people of any stature talk about politics. You do what you are good at. I play football because I’m better. A football player. I don’t practice politics. “

LeBron James is an anti-racism activist in the United States and has demonstrated various crimes against African Americans.

“There is no way I would limit myself to just dedicating myself to sports because I understand this platform and how strong my voice is. It’s funny that he says: I think in 2018 he was the one who said, when he was in Sweden, that he felt racist because his last name was not a regular name ( In Sweden.) Correct? He said that, right? I think he said it, “James shut up. (Telam)

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