‘Leave us alone’: They accuse the government of ‘pressing’ for the sovereignty of the Malvinas

the British government for the Falkland Islands interrogate”lobbyinternational subordinate Argentina according to Sovereignty over the South Atlantic Archipelago They demanded to “leave” the area and its residents in peace.

the to lift kippers comes after the president Alberto Fernandez I have got back from him Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinpingin Argentina’s claim of the inalienable rights over Falkland Islands, Georgia and the South Sandwich while passing by Beijing.

Through a statement, the executive Island He expressed his intention to “reaffirm the need to respect everyone human freedoms Like the democracyEspecially with regard to the undeniable The right of self-determination of peoples“He explained that the expression was obligatory” in light of Recent efforts to increase pressure On the question of sovereignty Falklands (Falkland Islands)”.

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“We were expecting to see a Rhetorical escalation on the king subordinate Falklands (Falkland Islands) in 2022, the 40th anniversary of our liberation. However, while we take this opportunity to show the world what we have done Our hard earned freedom And the achievements we’ve made since 1982, unfortunately there are still others who want it Imposing their wrong opinions on self-determinationand who choose to ignore it in favor of expanding or enhancing their economic power A fundamental right of islandersChief said Legislative Assembly of the ArchipelagoAnd Teslin Parkman.

He added, “People who have never been here beforeHe has no direct knowledge of our housefor us People And apparently, about Date“.

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former journalist penguin newswas recently re-elected as a member of Island Legislative AssemblyHe noted, “Then again we want to make it categorically clear that we have Relationship with the United Kingdom by choice. It’s a mutual partnership that we value highly – as shown in Referendum In 2013, when 99.8% of voters chose to remain as members British Overseas Territory– We are glad to see the support we are receiving in both the media and social networks from the officials in The UK government and the British public“.

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“Those Feelings are greatly appreciatedEspecially in these times, strengthened Our prevailing message is that Leave us alone to live our lives And develop our nation as we see fit on our behalf Present and future generations‘, I concluded Parkman.

the Chinese support to the Argentine claim King of the Falkland Islands He has already created one UK diplomatic responseand that is through Secretary of State Liz Truss“totally rejected any doubt” about it.

“the Falklands (Falkland Islands) are part of the British family and we will defend their right to do so Self-determination. China must respect the sovereignty of Falklands (Malvinas Islands)‘, an official posted on External Office through your account Twitter.

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