Leaked photos of a leading Motorola company with Snapdragon 800 Series for 2021

The Rumors of a Motorola Neo He appeared since last year, he was even there A small preview of your design. However, new images and It reveals almost everything about anyone’s design Pioneer From Motorola for 2021According to rumors.

One of the new flagship ships for 2021

he is Motorola Neo Leaked on Weibo, A Chinese social network that has included images of the new Motorola smartphone, Collected in Voice By Nils Arensmeer. The leaked youngster states that he is still not sure if he can confirm that this new smartphone is it Motorola Edge S.A new member of the current signage family, but there’s a possibility that this is the case.

In addition to these details, Ahrensmeier only mentions that the color shown in the photos, a kind of white with flashes of other colors, is called “Sky.”

Despite the paucity of information, the photos reveal important details, especially in terms of design. Motorola Nio will arrive with a double hole in the screen, but instead of a single cut in an oval shape – as other companies have done – There will be two slots separated from each other, In the top left corner.

In the back, and also in the upper left corner, there will be a Quad camera array with main sensor 64 megapixels, And a feature called Amplify the sound (As you read), the main features.

a Previous report It has been revealed that Motorola Nio will arrive as Main Direct successor to Motorola Edge, Rather than succeeding the Motorola Edge Plus, with a Snapdragon 865 chipset inside, accompanied by 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage (with a possible variant with 12/256 GB) and a FullHD + display.

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Motorola Nio Filtration Photos Technical features Motorola Nio will say goodbye to the rear fingerprint sensor for integration to the side

Without further information at the moment, it remains to wait for the launch of Motorola for 2021, which we already know that a new banner will arrive with Snapdragon 888 and a Moto G with Snapdragon 800 Series chipsetEspecially to celebrate 10 years of the popular mid-range Motorola family.

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