Lavrov accuses the United Kingdom of looking for excuses to enter the Black Sea

On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the United Kingdom was looking for pretexts to deploy its naval forces in the Black Sea to control the distribution of grain from Ukraine.

“If you look at the statements of Boris Johnson and his foreign minister (Liz Truss), they are trying to create conditions and pretexts for the Royal Navy’s entry into the Black Sea to control the process of releasing grain from the ports that the Ukrainians have mined and that the Ukrainians themselves have to,” Lavrov said in an interview with Russia 1 TV channel. Demining”.

The foreign minister assumed that the desire to whitewash Ukraine’s image and blame Russia for all its ills is not the only thing that motivates those who take advantage of the global food crisis, he said. Sputnik.

In mid-May, the head of Ukrainian agriculture, Nikolai Solsky, stated that the export of grain from the country is paralyzed due to the naval blockade by Russia.

Before February 24, according to the minister, Ukraine was exporting about five million tons of grain per month by sea, a volume that fell to about 200 thousand tons in March.

Russia denies placing obstacles to the export of grain from Ukraine, which it accuses of installing offshore mines in its ports.

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed last June that Russia is not blocking supplies of grain from Ukraine and that there are at least five or six options for its export.

This week, Russian forces made the decision to withdraw from Snake Island, in the Black Sea, near the coast of Ukraine, to facilitate the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian territory.

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