Launching of “Hiking with the ACU”, an exercise and sightseeing program

With the participation of about 50 university students led by the Rector of the University Colima UniversityAnd the Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz ZermenoIt started this Saturday morning in the archaeological area.the bell“, the program “Hiking with ACUwhich seeks to create a sustainable recreational space for coexistence, relaxation and physical well-being for its partners, as well as for the university community and their families in general.

Welcoming this activity, the President of the Colimense Association of Female College Students (ACU), said, Azocina Evangelista Salazar, He said that this program seeks to promote coexistence and sports not only among the members of the said association, but also among the members of other related associations, in the university community and their families; “Today we start in this beautiful archaeological area “La Campana” with a trail of 4.7 kilometres, and in the coming months we will have nine more trails, we advise and we will accompany Dr. Syria SalazarExpert in sports and physical revitalization.

For his part, the President of the University of Colima, Christian Torres Ortiz, expressed his satisfaction with this initiative, “Because thanks to these 10 tours that have been organized in different regions of our entity, the university community will have an excellent space to meet and exercise, so they are essential for physical and mental health. I have always said that sport contributes greatly to a culture of peace. In this sense, I celebrate the initiative and invite the entire university community to join the ACU hiking project.”

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The hiking program with the support coordination unit will be implemented until December in different areas, such as the park “rodeoAnd the parrotskomala Naranjal lakein Villa de Alvarezon the roads Nogeras and in auctionKomala, with trails of no more than five kilometres.

The registration form is available at For more information on this activity, you can contact the Colimense Association of University Students, at 3123309401 or write to [email protected]

The Mayor of Villa de Alvarez also participated in this Saturday event, Esther Gutierrez Andrade; FEC chief, Camilo Garcia Morales; Head of UdeC Volunteers, White Liliana Diaz Vásquez and President of the Federation, Sergio Wong de la Mora.

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