“Last Christmas” by Wham! It reaches number one in the UK after 39 years

After decades as a Christmas anthem, “Last Christmas” by Wham! It reaches the top of the UK charts for the first time this holiday, surpassing popular hits and fulfilling George Michael's wish.

In a feat of great interest to music lovers, Wham!'s 'Last Christmas', the iconic song written by George Michael 39 years ago, reached number one on the UK charts during Christmas week. It is a center that has eluded classicism throughout its long history.

The feat was achieved by beating popular songs such as Sam Ryder's “You're Christmas To Me” and, surprisingly, leaving behind the popular holiday song “All I Want for Christmas” by American star Mariah Carey, which came in third place.

Despite being an annual holiday anthem, “Last Christmas” has never managed to reach number one during Christmas week in the UK since its release in 1984. The original wish was for George Michael, who sadly passed away on Christmas Day in 2016's hit single “Do They Know It's Christmas?” From Band Aid, a charitable project that also included Michael's participation.

British fans of Wham! They streamed the song 13.3 million times this week, taking “Last Christmas” to the top of the streaming charts, a feat that resonates deeply in the hearts of fans of this iconic piece of music.

Andrew Ridgeley, George Michael's legendary duet partner Wham!, expressed his gratitude: “It's amazing and humbling to get there.” “The summit is a wonderful place to be,” Ridgley added in an interview with the BBC.

In keeping with the wishes of George Michael, who always wanted the song to go to number one at Christmas, this posthumous milestone marks an important moment in UK music history.

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