Laso and his government were targeted with corruption

Keto-. The President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, and his government are today in the crossfire of society over accusations of corruption in public companies based on a scheme spearheaded by his son-in-law, Danilo Carrera.

Without directly referring to the case, the president defended himself against the alleged existence of a criminal structure during a message on a national chain on Tuesday by asserting that they were “attacking him and making up stories against him” because he “reinvigorated the country’s economy…”.

The media outlet La Posta exposed the alleged existence of a criminal structure that would be linked to the president through his son-in-law, who went by the name The Great Godfather.

At the request of the President of the National Assembly, the State Attorney General’s Office opened an investigation into the alleged diversion of resources in public companies.

By the way, Andean Parliamentary Deputy Virgilio Hernandez asked why no raids were carried out, urgent measures issued or the accused arrested for investigation purposes prior to the serious complaint.

The legislator considered that this is the aim of the popular consultation proposed by the executive authority, which proposes, along with its questions, to amend the performance of the oversight authorities so that they have “oversight powers, not oversight.”

In the midst of all the scandal, which does not have much space in the national media despite the involvement of the country’s highest authority, President Laso announced a cut in various types of taxes.

Political analyst Mauro Andino does not believe that the president technically planned a tax cut. “His response is electoral so that he does not exhaust himself more in facing the referendum and diverts attention from the great godfather’s corruption,” he said.

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Ex-presidential candidate Andrés Araoz stressed that Danilo Carrera is the president of Laso, and urged the legislature to activate Article 129.2 of the Constitution, which would facilitate a political trial against the president for corruption.

The alleged plan would involve taking bribes from government service providers, who apparently paid to win contracts and collect payroll, according to La Posta.

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