Larian Studios canceled DLC for Baldur's Gate 3 before abandoning the saga: 'We even thought about Baldur's Gate 4'

Larian Studios has provided some details about Baldur's Gate 3, is considered the best game of 2023, and speaks about the future of the studio. The most important news is that they will no longer be working on the saga, and that there are no expansions or DLC planned. However, that doesn't mean they never thought about it, in fact They have started working on new content.

In an interview with IGN On the occasion of GDC 2024, director Swen Vincke has confirmed that Larian has begun work on downloadable content (DLC) for Baldur's Gate 3 And I explored the possibilities Baldur's Gate 4 Before moving on to other projects:Given all the success, the obvious thing was to create a DLC, so we started one. We even started thinking about BG4,” admits Venky.

But the team is not closed yet B C3 At that time moving to something new “felt bad”, plus they wanted to try different things. “There are a lot of limitations when creating a game D&DAnd 5th Edition is not an easy system to translate into a video game. “We had a bunch of new combat ideas that we wanted to try out and they just weren't compatible.”

It was content that did not come “from the heart.”

In the past, Larian has added new epilogues or endings to its games. with Baldur's Gate 3 The studio felt a little forced: “You can see that “The team did it because they felt they had to, but it wasn't something that came from their hearts.”a philosophy that served them well in their less successful games and for the phenomenon that was Baldur's Gate 3.”

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Supposedly Larian is working on Divinity or original license. Until then, you can explore all the secrets Baldur's Gate 3 With our guide. We remind you that the physical release on consoles has been postponed.

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