Laos attaches great importance to the Prime Minister’s visit to Vietnam

This will be the first time for Minh Chin to visit Laos as prime minister, Komaseth said, stressing that this reaffirms the consistent foreign policy of the Communist Party, the state and the Vietnamese people towards this nation.

As part of his activities in this capital city, Minh Chin will attend the 45th meeting of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee between Laos and Vietnam and the closing ceremony of the Year of Friendship and Solidarity between the two countries 2022.

Regarding the meeting of the Cooperation Committee, the foreign minister told VNA news agency that it is a very important event, which will evaluate the results of compliance with the joint declaration signed in the previous meeting, and cooperation in the political and security fields. diplomacy and economics.

He added that the two sides will also discuss the obstacles and risks facing the two countries to deal with them jointly and in favor of greater and more effective economic and trade cooperation.

On the other hand, the Vietnamese ambassador here, Nguyen Ba Hong, confirmed that Minh Chin’s visit will be the first official visit by a foreign leader to Laos in 2023.

The diplomat said the event is of historical significance for Vietnam and Laos to further enhance the great friendship, special solidarity and all-round cooperation, to meet the expectations of the two peoples.

Anticipó que los primeros ministros Sonexay Siphandone and Minh Chinh intercambiarán sobre temas internacionales y regionales de interés mutuo y buscarán soluciones para respondent a los desafíos ante la nueva situación, en pos de la paz, the seguridad, the estabilidad and the desarrollo of the region y the scientist.

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He said they will also co-chair the 45th meeting of the Vietnam-Laos Intergovernmental Committee, which is an opportunity to exchange and better understand each country’s social and economic situation, development orientation and foreign policy.

He said that based on these analyses, important trends, policies and measures to enhance bilateral relations can be discussed in an increasingly substantive and effective direction.

According to the Vietnamese ambassador, the two sides will sign several important cooperation documents and jointly conclude the 2022 Year of Solidarity and Friendship.

Vietnam and Laos officially established diplomatic relations on September 5, 1962, opening a new stage in the history of bilateral relations. Three decades later, in 1992, the Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee was established.


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