Lando Norris and Pato O’Ward image hinting at another Mexican presence in F1

Lando Norris (Photo: Instagram @landonorris)

The presence of Mexicans in the world of professional motorsport has gained importance with the participation of sergio Czech Perez On the Formula 1. However, in recent months the name Patricio Ord, A Monterey runner who is currently arguing in IndyCar He has hinted at his possible participation in the same circle as Checo. Another track was released on Thursday 14th October by the pilot Lando Norris.

Through your verified account from InstagramThe McLaren rider posted a picture where Appears next to the Mexican pilot. In the scene they are seen sitting around a table while having dinner. In the description of the photo, the English runner wrote that he was “Tonight’s Date with Patricio Ord”. However, given the Mexican’s relationship to the brand, She could also announce her presence in the ring in the future.

The The Mexican had a great season in the IndyCar series It may be one of the main arguments that drove him to Formula 1 in the medium or long term. fact, His presence in the UK stems from fulfilling one of the goals imposed on him by Zach Brown, CEO of McLaren, with whom he secured a place to do the team’s young drivers test.

Pato O'Ward finished third in the IndyCar overall rankings in 2021 (Photo: Chris Owens/IndyCar/EFE)
Pato O’Ward finished third in the IndyCar overall rankings in 2021 (Photo: Chris Owens/IndyCar/EFE)

On October 12, Patricio Award arrived in the European country to start preparing for He will be testing with the McLaren Formula 1 team during the month of December. His first actions in Woking City were Seat configuration Which you will use on one of the most important days of your career.

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In the same way, take the opportunity to get to know the car that He will drive in Abu Dhabi during the test on December 13, 2021. During his visit, he also got to ride the 2008 car in which the legendary racer was Lewis Hamilton I got the world title. His visit was documented by his verified Instagram account.

Although, according to the latest statements made by Mexican pilot O’Ward and Brown Racing will continue at IndyCar during the 2022 season. However, neither of them ruled out that the jump to Formula 1 could happen from the 2023 campaign. During an interview with ESPN, the man from Monterey confirmed that:

Pato O'Ward won't make it to Formula 1 in 2022 (Photo: Chris Owens/IndyCar/EFE)
Pato O’Ward won’t make it to Formula 1 in 2022 (Photo: Chris Owens/IndyCar/EFE)

In 2022 I will continue in IndyCar. It’s realistic that (to start racing in Formula 1) it will be in 2023 or 2024. I will continue in IndyCar in 2022. “IndyCar is just as important to me as F1 and I want to be a champion,” Zack (Brown) told me. He knows that he now has a chance to be a champion (…) I have my contract with the IndyCar team until the end of 2022″.

In this sense, despite O’Ward’s foresight, McLaren CEO confirmed it The possible inclusion of Mexican will depend on various factors In the company he manages, as well as in the individual performance of the broker. In addition, one of the primary goals of the transition to Formula 1 is that Pato was crowned IndyCar season. Likewise:

“Let’s see after he drives in Abu Dhabi. We’ve been hired for IndyCar and I want him to stay focused on IndyCar. Obviously drivers have always aspired to drive in Formula 1, but I think we have to see how things go in Abu Dhabi. We have to see how it goes in IndyCar and how it goes in F1 as well. So check if there might be any chance in the future.”Certain ESPN.

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