Land border management between Vietnam and China is positive

The joint committee on the issue is working efficiently and smoothly, and there is stronger cooperation in building infrastructure as well as improving transportation connectivity in border areas, Minh Vu and Wedong said during talks held the previous day in the capital.

In particular, the two Deputy Foreign Ministers highlighted the effective trial operation of Ban Gioc-Detian Waterfalls, which demonstrates their determination to create a safe and attractive tourist destination, for socio-economic development in the border areas.

The two sides expressed satisfaction with the strong development of the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries and pledged to continue to work closely on border management and protection, in accordance with three legal documents on this subject and relevant agreements.

In this sense, they promised to cooperate effectively in opening, improving and recognizing border gates and implementing measures to facilitate customs clearance and cultural and commercial exchanges in these areas.

Regarding maritime issues, the Vienna News Agency said that they frankly discussed the recent developments in the East Sea, and stressed the importance of continuing to seriously implement the common visions reached by the senior leaders of the two Communist Parties and the state.

In this regard, Vietnam proposed that the two sides respect each other’s legitimate rights and interests, work to appropriately control differences, maintain smooth negotiation channels and seek a long-term solution in accordance with international law and the United Nations convention. States on the law of the sea.


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