Lady Gaga Spent $60,000 To Buy These Animals At Home

There is no doubt that Lady Gaga is one of the most eccentric artists of recent years. His extravagant red carpet looks, signature hairstyles and personal tastes have always been a far cry from what is considered a “classic” in the entertainment world.

A few years ago, the translator “Born This Way” was named the most unusual celebrity according to a survey conducted by the UK nutrition bar brand Natural Valley. This recognition was awarded after a review of her iconic dress made of meat, as well as the use of her original headdresses in the form of telephones, crabs, various shapes of horns, and octopus claws.

Likewise, the heroine of “La casa Gucci” is also very extravagant in the decoration of her palace, Since $60,000 was spent on an aquarium with a large number of fish.

The New York singer was bored at home, recovering from an operation that prevented her from moving freely, so she instructed her assistants to find the best aquarium designers to create a huge aquarium in her home. In addition, the artist did not want common fish in her new zen corner, which is why she bought 27 koi fish, which are the most representative fish in Japanese culture, since Japan was very interested in breeding this specimen of native fish. from China. For the Japanese, koi fish are a symbol of love and friendship. Some studies confirm that these fish can recognize the face of their owners, making them one of the most loyal fish breeds.

A whistleblower admitted to ‘The Sun’ that Gaga had been dreaming about the fish, and he felt it was some kind of revelation to shut it down.. Lady Gaga said she had been dreaming about fish, so he had her team stock her some koi fish and set up a large tank. It all cost about £40,000 (just over $60,000), a source close to the celebrity said, which is quite a lot. For a lot of people, but it’s a little small for her.”

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koi carp

However, the singer did not want to buy Koi fish in the United States, she wanted her fish to be as original as possible, so she brought it directly from the ponds intended for breeding in Japan. Also, the singer wanted her new companions to be very close to her and asked them to design an aquarium right next to her bed..

Koi fish is considered the most expensive aquatic pet in the world, since some people paid more than 1.5 million euros for a sample of this beautiful fish. Every year, an exhibition dedicated to koi fish auctions is held in Japan. In 2020, a woman managed to win the auction with a bid of 1.6 million euros for a specimen about a meter in length.

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