La Nación / They elect a new president of the Angus Breeders Association of Paraguay

During the Ordinary General Assembly held a few days ago, the members of the Paraguayan Angus Breeders Association elected Dr. Cristian Galeano Benayo as their new president. He replaced economist Ricardo Pretz Gonzalez in the position.

After his election, Galliano gave a few words to herald the beginning of his term, stating that “there are important functions to be done, such as increasing the number of animals in exhibitions and holding more art sessions to further promote the breed.”

Meanwhile, the outgoing president, Ricardo Pritz Gonzalez, was elected on this occasion as vice-president of the Union of Breeders. In turn, the regular and alternate members of the Board of Directors, as well as the trustees, were appointed on the occasion.

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Pretiz, the outgoing president, continued during the occasion to read the report for the year corresponding to 2021, and through it he presented a report on the activities carried out by the Board of Directors during the mentioned period. He highlighted the support of officials, technicians, partners and sponsors, who he said have “focused on promoting the Aberdeen Angus breed”.

In addition, he hinted at the union’s participation in the National Livestock Show. He emphasized that during the same period, “the Aberdeen Angus breed was well represented on judging trails, with specimens of notorious racial quality, with the added value of the country’s tropical climate adaptation conditions and a mainly distinctive meat quality of the breed.”, he commented.

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It also reported that 5,234 head of cattle were approved for the Angus Beef Project, which is a decrease compared to the previous year (2020), due to the effects of drought. In his last words, he thanked partners, sponsors, exhibitors and producers for their trust and support.

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