La Nación / Isabel II attended her first great jubilee event after overcoming health issues

Smiling and happy Queen Elizabeth II appeared at a horse show in Windsor on Sunday evening, in her first major celebration of her “Platinum Jubilee”, days after she resigned as Parliament’s opening session due to health problems.

The 96-year-old king, a lover of horses, arrived walking with the aid of a cane to watch the show, which featured 500 horses and 1,300 artists. The Queen’s health has been a concern since last October, her doctors ordered her to rest, and it was learned that she had been hospitalized one night to undergo “exams” whose nature was never determined.

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Mobility problems led to the Queen canceling her attendance at major events. Photo: Agence France-Presse.

Since then, her growing commuting problems have led her to cancel her attendance at high-profile events, most recently the Throne Address, which she has only missed twice during her 70-year reign, most recently in 1963.

For the first time, she was replaced in this important institutional act by Prince Charles, her 73-year-old heir, an important step in the gradual transition of royal functions. Horse show commentator, Omid Jalili, joked thanking His Majesty for choosing this event, rather than the opening of the parliamentary session, for its first public appearance since March 29.

The parade, which took place on Sunday night, was part of the Windsor Equestrian Competition, a prestigious equestrian competition that the Queen already visited on Friday and anticipates the grand jubilee celebrations of her seven decades, June 2-5, throughout her reign. United kingdom.

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Source: AFP.

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