La Nación / Fashion at the Summit and Georgina at the Salt Mine

The NATO summit in Madrid became a fashion catwalk thanks to the costumes of Queen Letizia and First Lady Begonia Gomez, both very elegant, and also by other first ladies such as France’s Brigitte Macron among others. The espadrille has become the garment of rage. Georgina Rodriguez smiled again at the Jacquemus parade in France.

“Top” style

Madrid became the week spent at the headquarters of the NATO summit, gathering heads of member states. Besides the leaders’ meetings, there was a parallel agenda with many dinners and cultural meetings where Kings Felipe, Letizia and Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and Begonia Gómez provided visitors from all over the world with wonderful entertainment in special venues, from a gala dinner in the palace to a magnificent dinner served in the The Prado Museum, where the leaders, their wives and companions were amazed by the works of Velazquez, Goya and other exponents of rich Spanish art. But a “separate agenda” for everything is devoted to fashion. From the first moment, Queen Letizia made a big fuss with the clothes chosen for the reception, for example, enthusiastic Jill Biddle, with whom she met several times and participated in all the meetings and walks where “all the ladies went crazy” with sportswear and shoes. It is considered modest, but very fashionable today. So much so that many first ladies bought espadrilles to match the Queen and First Lady of Spain, both always very elegant, and the First Lady of the USA herself, in addition to receiving a couple as a gift, went out with her two granddaughters whom he had taken for a walk to buy more espadrilles and clothes Others are for sale in the shops in the center of Madrid. The fact is that, with the exception of the elegant first lady of France, who was also impeccable, all others caught on in espadrilles. They also wore exquisite evening dresses for dinner and delicate summer dresses for evening gatherings.

Georgina is back at work

The model is slowly regaining her smile after losing one of her twin sons. She reappeared this week at the Jacquemus procession in Saline-de-Giraud (France). She was one of the celebrities who had the honor of attending the exclusive Jacquemus fashion show, where the new Le Papier collection was presented. The setting was the French city of Arles, in the white salt mountains completely in contrast to the black design of the model, where the gems were the protagonists. This was the second public appearance of the couple Cristiano Ronaldo since they lost one of their twins.

Little by little, she regains her smile and goes to the fashion events that she loves the most. In black, as required by the dress code, she wore a gorgeous black midi dress that was very tight and marked her signature curves. The dress featured slits and straps that gave movement and accentuated her curvy figure. Jewels were the main stars of the show. Georgina wore her black Jacquemus mini bag in her famous Le Bambino model. Her sandals were also featured in white from a French brand. Victoria Beckham was the other guest of honor and appeared all in black, with leggings and a bow-tie top.

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