La Nación/Expo Capasu 2023 takes place this week

Expo Capasso, in its 23rd edition, will include exhibitors from the United Kingdom, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, announced the directors of the Paraguay Chamber of Supermarkets, which organizes this popular event for the retail and mass consumer sector, scheduled to be held on January 6. September 7, at the CONMEBOL Convention Centre.

As more and more exhibitors are confirmed to participate and details are being finalized for the 23rd Retailer Training Meeting, The organizers of Expo Capasso 2023 announce that companies from the region and the world will arrive this year at the country’s most important festival of mass consumption.

Among them are one of the UK’s leading battery manufacturers, Kodak Batteries, specialist in cold equipment, Infrico, and the Brazilian expert in digital solutions for the retail sector, Visual Mix, which provides innovation and technology to automate commercial management in the retail sector.

In addition, other companies from Uruguay, such as Yuditec, and companies from Argentina, Sideas Gruop SRL and La Mística, have already said yes to this edition of Expo Capasu.

The president of Capasso, Joaquín González, points out that this is the most representative exhibition of retail trade and mass consumption in the country, and the only one in this sector.It brings together suppliers of products, services and equipment in the region, along with key decision makers in the retail sector.

“AndThis event is very important because it also allows the country to bring global trends in terms of consumption habits to the country. “It clarifies what the preferences, motivations and fears are and where the interest of consumers is directed, with the help of national and international experts on the subject,” the businessman says.

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He comments that at the Retailer Training Meeting, a conference held in the hall attached to the exhibition, high-level speakers will speak from Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and other countries.

The topics that will be covered are of general interest and many of them include all sectors, as they will talk about how to enhance leadership in companies, and the social and economic reality of the country and the region, Among the innovations and technologies that seem to provide solutions to the world of business, artificial intelligence, the importance of data, multi-channel sales, e-commerce and sustainability in business, among many others.

This year there will also be a discussion between trade union leaders and the new national authorities, and as an added value, The second edition of the Excellence Awards will be held, a recognition created by Capasso in the last edition to honor suppliers, who once participated in the exhibition They are already competing in various categories, including Producer and Supplier of the Year.

Last year’s exhibition broke records for exhibitors and visitors, and we have high expectations that we will exceed all numbers this year. We hope to have more than 100 exhibitors and exceed the 5,000 visits we had last year, which is a really significant number considering that this event is targeting a niche audience.

Those interested in getting in touch can connect via social media @capasupy on Instagram and Capasu on Facebook or call (0981) 417-112.

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