La Jornada – Guaranteed, de-authorization practice: Instituto

As of October 1, the deadline for anyone to request revocation of the mandate begins, said Martin Vaz, an advisor to the National Electoral Institute (INE), noting that this body has an obligation to ensure that said exercise is carried out. The highest standards of quality and safety that characterized the electoral processes in the country.

He said that at every stage the criteria that gave fairness and certainty to the elections will be applied, since the revocation of the mandate is “very important, and even superior to the election of the presidency of the Republic”, because of its implications, because if it materializes, “we will enter an unprecedented situation in Mexico.”

Fez stressed that the National Elections Institute plans to install about 161,490 polls and train 646,000 people to be responsible today, which requires the appointment of 37,000 electoral supervisors and trainers.

It is also planned to print the ballot papers on a security sheet, so that the material will be produced with all the confidence mechanisms used in the electoral processes and a quick count that will allow the results to be known as soon as possible.

He pointed out that these activities depend to a large extent on the adequacy of the budget of the National Institute of Statistics for the next year.

Counselor Vaz added that “the law is very clear that citizens, not parties, can participate in collecting signatures” in support of the consultation. It must be supported by 3 percent of the nominal list in at least 17 states.

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He emphasized that the National Elections Institute would remain vigilant to comply with all planned restrictions, which are very similar to those applied during elections, such as the use of public resources.

To publish the advisory, the law states that the NIE promotes the exercise through its corresponding spaces on radio and television, monitors compliance and verifies that no natural or legal person obtains spaces to support or oppose revocation of the mandate. .

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