La Jornada – Given the low pre-Olympics title, the title was the lowest for Mexico, Maurer says

The title the Mexican U-23 won in the Pre-Olympic CONCACAF Championship was “a good feat, but not as much as the golden goldfinches make in Televisa, who scream and excited as if the world championship was won … He simply won what should have been won, and it was This is the least of what happened in this competition, where the level of competition was very low, ”said former association Emilio Maurer.

He also noted that with this tournament, “Mexico has shown that it is still the best in CONCACAF, which is not a great advantage, because it is unfortunately one of the poorest associations in terms of football, but at least the goal has been achieved, because winning in this field is an obligation.”

Although he estimated that “in general” the Three Colors team “played well”, he emphasized that “there are still details for improvement, as the United States made it difficult for them (in the last match of the group stage), and in the final, Honduras.” It took a lot of work, remember that a draw (forced to play overtime and then take penalties) was achieved thanks to the maximum penalty.

“It seems to me that there are arguments to fight for the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games, but they should not be trusted. You have to keep working and play many training matches. This is very important to gain confidence and experience and not be easily intimidated by the superpowers.”

He also considered that the potential call for Carlos Villa to strengthen the Mexico U-23 team, which will attend the next Olympic event, “would be a huge mistake.”

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He explained that the former member of Real Sociedad and Arsenal in the Premier League, “is definitely one of the best Mexican footballers in recent times, but he himself showed that the national teams in general do not do that.” I care about them, I guess it wouldn’t be very healthy to call either.

“I cannot say how much he can contribute to the team, to coexistence; he is undoubtedly an excellent player and he will add to the side of football, but that is not all, there must also be friendship, and I am sure that his presence will not generate a good atmosphere, he must To be a united group, to be brothers, and I think that you don’t even know them very well.

“There are other options, maybe not as good as him, in sporting terms, but that could work better. There are many experienced soccer players who can do that very well.”

Regarding the selection of reinforcements for the Olympic tournament, the former association indicated that both the coach of the Mexican U-23 national team, Jaime Lozano, and the coach of the Mexican national team tripartite Major Gerardo Martino “must agree with their choice, especially to reinforce the points they consider weaker.”

Regarding Mexico’s senior national team’s performance in recent friendly matches against Wales and Costa Rica, Maurer said, “The most replaceable thing is that tripartite He left his comfort zone, which is the United States, because the games were horrible. “

“The most important thing about these European rounds is that they give the selected players a lot of blanks,” he commented, after the 1-0 defeat to Wales and the victory by a slight difference against Costa Rica.

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“Molero parties, Ricardo Ferretti told them, no longer exist, because traveling to Europe is very different from moving to the United States, whose second home is Mexico.

“César Luis Menotti mentioned that apart from facing the superior teams, the rounds were important because they were played under different conditions, such as weather, food, long runs, all of which shaped the footballer’s personality. I hope they continue on the same path.”

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