La Jornada – Five forest fires are still active in NL

Monterey, N.L. Five forest fires are still active in the municipalities of Santiago, Galiana, Zaragoza and Rayon, according to the state’s Civil Protection Directorate.

The agency stated that the massive fire that began last Tuesday in Arteaga and Coahuila and spread to the New Zealand lands consumed at least 1,700 hectares of Sierra de Santiago in this entity, and it was controlled by 60 percent.

As part of the implementation of the DN-lll-E plan, the Ministry of National Defense has set up a gathering center for the benefit of brigade members and casualties at the 7th Military District facilities, located on the Nuevo Laredo Highway, which connects to the Salinas Victoria km. 1.5 Military Camp No. 7-A, 66600, in the municipality of Apodaca, where food, cleaning products and tools are received.

At least 500 computer brigades, citizens and other companies operate in the area, backed by 10 helicopters.

In Galliana, an accident in the La Trinidad area was controlled by 70 percent, affecting 2,200 hectares of vegetation.

In Laguna de Labradores, in the same city, the fire was suffocated by 95 percent, with the consumption of 900 hectares.

Meanwhile, a fire in Sweet Names, Zaragoza, was brought under control with 80 percent damage and nine hectares affected.

While in El Puerto, in Rayon, work progressed to put out the fire by 10 percent and 30 hectares were affected.

Sustainability researchers from Tecnológico de Monterrey noted that the ongoing wildfires in Nuevo León have an impact on the loss of thousands of hectares of green space that will recover in the long term.

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Mario Manzano, a professor at the School of Engineering and Sciences with a PhD in Forest Sciences, emphasized that this would be the main challenge.

Meanwhile, due to the high concentrations of PM10 and PM2.5 particles present in the environment, mainly due to the fire in the Sierra de Santiago, the Nuevo León government has activated the alert phase of the region’s air emergency response program. Metropolitan Monterey.

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