La Jornada – CNDH calls for ensuring journalism is practiced in Baja California

Mexico City. The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) called on the government authorities in Baja California to ensure the free exercise of freedom of expression and access to information, as well as to work with the entity’s journalists’ union.

The national body noted that the “Tijuana Journalists’ Network”, the #Yosisoyperiodista Collective and the “Tecate Journalists Association” have expressed concern about the lack of opportunities for direct, personal, immediate and public access to information, on various topics of common interest, that limits or hinders their work.

Likewise, these groups, through an open letter, demanded respect for journalistic work, urging Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez that there should be genuine freedom of expression and full respect for the practice of journalism, and privileges indispensable to any public agenda.

Based on the foregoing, the National Council for Human Rights issued a “respectful but urgent” appeal to the authority and the state media, “to overcome differences, and work to raise the horizon in order to reassure citizens of the full exercise of freedom of expression and opinion, as well as access to the information they require and deserve.”

He pointed out that for this committee, “it is critical for the authorities of the three levels of government to realize the importance of the role played by the media, while claiming the right of response that derives from the public’s right to be honest, objective and effective.” free and free from tendencies which distort or limit the exercise of the freedom of expression which should prevail in every democracy.”

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He stated that the exercise of freedom of expression, like the right to information, involves a round trip, which, at the same time with unrestricted access to information, ensures an objective and honest dealing with it.

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