La Jornada – Call for participation in the National Teacher Prize Mexico 2021

During the launch of the Teachers’ Extraordinary Award for Teachers in Mexico 2021, the Minister of Public Education, Delfina Gomez Alvarez, emphasized that this competition is a motivation for all teachers, who, despite the pandemic and everything that have been lived, participate and continue with your work.

He emphasized that the unit is open to the participation of organizations, institutions, institutions and experts in creating and formulating learning strategies and developing skills that are important in the performance of students.

He mentioned that they are working on communication, so that it is, through science and technology, a tool that works to develop these learning and skills of students.

For her part, Graciela Rojas, Chair of the STEM movement, emphasized that with this competition, “In 2021, we want to fulfill this dream again: to show the invisible work of thousands of teachers in the most underdeveloped regions of our country.”

He mentioned that this year the evaluation committee and jury of experts will focus specifically on developing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills: critical thinking; Solve the problem; Creativity; Telecommunications; cooperation; Digital knowledge, data, and computer science are essential for workforce development and economic recovery.

The 2021 Call for the Extraordinary Teacher Prize seeks teachers from public and private schools, of Mexican nationality, who work in compulsory education (from pre-school to high school), and who teach at least 10 hours of class per week remotely or Mixed mode.

In addition, they must have at least five years teaching experience, and because of their commitment to teaching, they plan to remain in the teaching profession for the next five years. Those who apply for the award will be assessed against a series of stringent criteria that will help identify an extraordinary teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession from STEM education.

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Finally, he indicated that the application process for the Exceptional Teachers Award for the National Teacher Prize in Mexico 2021 will be from May 17 to September 26, 2021 and they can register through the page

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