KSI vs. Tommy Fury: Tyson Fury’s father’s weapons scandal at the press conference

Hajj fightAugust 23, 2023 at 5:55 PM ETReading: 2 minutes.

World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury’s father gave a very angry performance at the first press conference to promote the fight between his son Tommy Fury and rapper and influencer KSI.

John Fury, father of WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and fellow famous boxer Tommy Fury, stole the spotlight at the first press conference to promote the tag that his son, Tommy, and the rapper will hold. influencers KSI on October 14th at Manchester Arena in the UK.

The party at London’s Wembley Arena on Tuesday was filled with jeers and jeers from the participating athletes.

However, John, who is also Tommy’s trainer, puts on an angry show on stage. In short, the patriarch of the family caused a general riot.

John stood up and hurled insults at KSI, who confronted his son. He then began destroying the stage set up for the press conference, overturning and kicking the tables and chairs where the participants were. The veteran’s outburst caused widespread confusion among the influencers and athletes participating in the event. Dillon Danes, who faces Logan Paul on the undercard, even tried to throw a chair to his opponent, but was stopped by security.

After things calmed down, Tommy Fury (9-0-0, 4 KOs) and KSI (1-0-0, 0 KOs) engaged in a tense confrontation. With their foreheads pressed together, the boxers traded insults, until the YouTuber who won several exhibition fights pushed Tyson Fury’s younger brother and started a new mess. John Fury was also present on stage still apparently out of his mind, and had to be pinned down by three security guards to prevent him from attacking his son’s opponent.

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