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Promotes experimental activities in laboratories

To develop its students' interest in learning, research and creating new projects related to science, Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Sonora (Cobach) encourages experimental activities in laboratories, as a pedagogical strategy to promote academic excellence.

Rodrigo Arturo Rosas Burgos, General Director of Copach Sonora, highlighted that with the New Common Curriculum Framework (NMCC) in upper secondary education, experimental practices in the laboratory are intensified for the comprehensive training of students, who reinforce the teaching they receive in theoretical classes.

He stated that, with the support of their teachers, about 22,000 students from the educational system are using the laboratories that were rehabilitated in 23 schools after the Covid-19 pandemic, through a program from the Foundation and thanks to the effort and attention of experimental science teachers.

He added that in seven of Kobach's 30 schools, where there are no laboratories, experimental science teachers, with the participation of young people, implement appropriate classroom practices.

“Students’ motivation and fascination increase greatly when they work as a team and enhance their critical ability in practices,” he noted. “Students also confirm that their idea of ​​science has improved after doing experimental science activities in laboratories,” he noted.

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