Klopp or Guardiola wanted in the US

“Go big or go home,” Berhalter said on US TV, when asked to name Klopp or Guardiola.

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola. Photo: EFE

United States of AmericaHost of this America’s CupHe is exposed to an earthquake after his exit from the group stage, and after two years of organizing the World Cup, he finds himself facing a sports project in the no-man’s land and with the future of the coach Gregg Berhalter Up in the air.

Even his angry surroundings demand big names on the bench that come up to him. Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola.

Monday’s defeat to Uruguay at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City proved the United States’ failure in what looked like an easy group, where, with the exception of Uruguay, they competed with Panama and Bolivia.

But the team’s path Berhalter They finished the tournament with just three points, which they earned in their first match against Bolivia, before losing 1-2 to Panama and 0-1 to Uruguay.

The United States, a country that used to dominate almost all sports, lived with great expectations this Copa America, which was organized in some exciting years for football, in which MLS succeeded in bringing legends such as Leo Messi and he Uruguayan Luis Suarez.

There were more than 55,000 fans at Arrowhead Stadium to support Team USA, but aside from protests over some poor refereeing decisions against Uruguay, Berhalter’s team didn’t know how to show its face.

What was considered in the country a golden generation pushed the pressure, and with their lack of play, ideas and character, they were dismissed at the first opportunity.

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He received a barrage of criticism on American television, including from former Team USA stalwarts Clint Dempsey and Alexi Lalas.

Gregg Berhalter admitted that the Copa America did not end with the desired result, but he considered that under his management the team has improved defensively and in ball circulation and responded strongly when asked if he thought he was the right person to lead the group to the World Cup.

“Yes,” he answered honestly.

On FOX Network, rights holder America’s Cup in United State, Dempsey and Lalas expressed doubts and asked for a change.

Klopp and Guardiola, environmental dreams

“Go big or go home,” was the refrain on American television, as names like Klopp or Guardiola were asked to take over the team.

They were the fruit of frustration at seeing a team achieve less impressive results than previous generations, despite having many of its members competing in the major European leagues.

In the previous America’s Cup In 2016, hosted by the United States, the US team reached the semi-finals. In the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, they surrendered in the round of 16, while in 2018 they did not qualify.

There are two key years opening up for the United States, which will host the World Cup alongside it in 2026. Canada and Mexico He is invited to relaunch his sporting project either with Berhalter or with a new coach on the bench.

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