King Juan Carlos was spotted in the UK and showed his friendliest face

King Juan Carlos arrived in Cowes on Thursday to compete in the World Sailing Championships in the six-metre category with his team. So did his daughter, Infanta Elena, who shares this hobby with him and had accompanied him only a few weeks ago on his visit to Sanxenxo. Very friendly and close to the media on the Isle of Wight, Al-Fakhri showed his best side with reporters, expressing his concern about the low temperatures in the UK and advising them to dress warmly. We have not seen him in front of the cameras for months due to his lack of appearance in his last appearance in Spain. After training with the crew, Al-Fakhri returned to port confirming that everything went “very well,” and in addition, he answered the big question of the Yas Summer programme: Are you planning to settle back in Spain? “Yes, definitely.” In this way, it seems that Fakhri will plan to return to the country or at least make more visits as we already mentioned a few months ago when his trip to Sanxenxo was announced. This visit to the United Kingdom comes after the Supreme Court in London concluded last July the preliminary hearings in which the complaint filed against him by Corinna Larsen on charges of alleged harassment was being examined.

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