King Charles III and Prince William have turned their backs on Prince Harry on his visit to the UK

he king carlos iii, with his eldest son prince william, They completely turned their backs on the visit he made Prince Harry I did to United kingdom. Neither the king nor the chief heir agreed to meet the Duke of Sussex in person, which prompted all sorts of comments in the matter social networks About how bad their relationship is and how likely a reconciliation is.

In recent days, the portals and media of United kingdom They are very active with Prince Harry visiting home. The reason for his trip is the demand that he and other celebrities have filed against the British newspaper daily Mail, For violating their privacy and using phone calls to release them to the public.

Expect too much Duke of Sussex He is reunited with his father and older brother. However, the response was completely different from what was expected. What happened?

The king has gone on a journey to Germany

with his wife camilla parker, So he will not be able to attend it, while William decides to go to the outskirts London with his wife Kate Middleton and their three children.

a job Prince of Wales He very evidently did not want to see his younger brother, and for this reason turned away from the city, being unwilling to speak to him or to be reconciled with him on account of all the accusations which he had made against him. Crown.

This mode is highly commented on networks, since The official coronation Carlos III as the new monarch From the nation, closer than ever.

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It will be on the 6th of May King Charles III He was finally proclaimed King of the United Kingdom and Prince William His main heir, but with help Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle For such an important historical event.

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