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  • Kermés de Ciencia y Tecnología has already toured 103 sites in the province of Córdoba.
  • About 25,000 students learned about the science and technology awareness experience offered by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

So far, Science and Technology Kermes has visited 103 cities in the province of Córdoba. About 25,000 students enjoyed and learned about the experience provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Province of Córdoba through this programme.

It is a science and technology publishing fair, based on observation and play, and interactively dealing with activities such as a mobile laboratory and exhibition of robotics and drones.

These actions are coordinated by local municipalities, which agree with educational and cultural institutions on visits with Directorate of Science and Technology Publication.

Among the activities that Kermés de Ciencia y Tecnología offers, we can mention:

mobile laboratory: An interactive space for doing experiments in physics, chemistry, biology, geology and forming and solving fun math problems.

Expotic: Exhibition and workshop where objects and applications related to programming, automation and robotics are displayed. The activity aims to spark interest and develop skills to start programming simple events and learn about things related to robotics, home automation and computer science.

Drone exhibition: Various types of equipment and its transport are shown, in the activities of the drone pilot.

augmented reality: All these activities are accompanied by a virtual character “MOVI” that invites you to have an immersive technology experience.

Among the last cities visited by Cermes: Mendiolaza, Vila Cora Bruchero, Obispo Trejo, Marcos Juárez, Cosquin, James Creek, Cruz del Ige, General Deheza and Alta Gracia.

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