Kate Middleton and William share an unexpected birthday card

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are some of the world’s most beloved royal families, and each of their public appearances raises high expectations, so their Christmas card couldn’t be an exception.

That is, though Kate Middleton and the prince William They have made an effort to keep their family life out of the spotlight and there is a date they never miss with their children, the Christmas setting, the ritual they perform every end of the year to wish them happy holidays.

For the occasion, the Dukes of Cambridge decided to share a photo in which they appear to represent no less than Jordan, as they took a special vacation with the princes. GeorgeAnd Charlotte s LouisSince there is no record of the trip they made as a family to that area.

They showed a completely different side of the royal family, this time not appearing in winter clothes as they did on other Christmas postcards, but instead they were seen more relaxed and in summer holiday outfits.

This is how Cambridge surprised its followers this year, as instead of opting for the classic Christmas landscape of the British countryside, they have now made it out of the Jordanian desert with its massive reddish-stones, as seen at the bottom of the photo. .

“Excited to share a new family photo, which appears on this year’s Christmas card,” can be read next to the photo that appears posted on the Cambridge Instagram account which has so far collected more than 1.6 million Likes.

Jordan is a special destination for the Dukes, especially Kate Middleton, as she spent part of her childhood there because her parents, who were British Airways crew members, were based in the capital, Amman.

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They lived there from the spring of 1984 until 1986, when they returned to the UK and settled in Berkshire. Little Kate went to kindergarten there, where she was between two and four years old at the time.

While it’s not uncommon for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to use a photo that wasn’t explicitly taken to mark their card, and to capture a shot during one of their travels, it’s the first time we’ve seen young Louis posing from another country for the camera.

This is because due to his age and the setbacks of the health crisis, the youngest Cambridge has not been able to join his parents on any official international trip, as his siblings have done on other occasions.

It should be noted that in the summer of 2018, William went to Jordan during an official visit and fell in love with him so much that there he promised that one day he would return to him with his children. On that occasion, Louis, the youngest of their three children, had just been born, and so Kate could not accompany him.

However, this year the Duchess of Cambridge was finally able to return to the same place with her children, and not only that, but that visit became the perfect scene for a Christmas postcard for the royal family in 2021.

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