Jurgen Klopp differs from Pep Guardiola in that everyone supports Liverpool in the UK

by EFE

The Liverpool coach responded to his Manchester City counterpart

Jurgen Klopp did not agree with his colleague’s statement Pep Guardiola That everyone in the UK supported Liverpool to win the Premier League and considered that the Spanish coach could have taken away the emotions of the moment.

“I have no idea if the whole country supports us. It’s not the feeling I get when we go to other places to play, it’s actually quite the opposite,” Klopp told a news conference.

“I live in Liverpool and yes, a lot of people here want us to win Premier League, this is the truth; But even here it’s probably only 50% because the rest (in reference to the Everton supporters) are in another fight.”

Klopp indicated that Guardiola may have been “affected” by his statements with the feelings that the sport generates, especially after the painful defeat of the game. Manchester In the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid on May 4th.

The German coach admitted that he made moving statements himself after Liverpool’s draw with Tottenham, which put the club three points behind Manchester City in the Premier League.

“I don’t know what situation Pep was in, after he was eliminated from the Champions League, which is hard to accept, but then Liverpool reach the final, and then they say things like: ‘It’s just them that we played Villarreal and we played Real Madrid and you say What it says “.

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