Julia Taguena, former Conacyt Forum coordinator, appears in front of FGR. – Finance

On Thursday, Detective Julia Taguña Barga appeared in the Consett case before the Office of the Public Prosecutor (FGR).

Tagüeña Parga arrived minutes before 11:00 am at the Organized Crime Special Prosecutor’s Office (FEMDO) in order to access the case file and To find out the crimes attributed to him.

“We will abide by the summons and ask to see the file, and this is what we have come to. I explained it well, and this is exactly what we are getting,” he added.

“We were able to see the file, the process started, they promised us to number it and send us a copy, everything was nice, we saw the file, it is very large, we have to analyze it very carefully,” he added, without making another statement.

He said that at the present time was not the time to issue a verdict in the investigation and when asked if this case considered it persecution of him, he explained: “I’d like to talk about that later, the process is just beginning.”

Researcher Tagüeña Parga is one of 31 members of the scientific community who are under investigation by the FGR for alleged bankruptcy through Conacyt.

The agency headed by Alejandro Gertz Manero seeks to pedigree Crimes of organized crime, money laundering, embezzlement and illegal use of powers and authorities.

she was Coordinator of the Scientific and Technology Advisory Forum (FCCyT), a civil association in 2019, a case that was used according to a prosecutor’s office investigation to divert federal resources.

According to her biography, Taguña Parga is a physicist with a PhD in Science from the University of Oxford in Great Britain, and a senior researcher at the Center for Energy Research (CIE).

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In addition, she is a researcher at the Morelos campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and is part of the Mexican Academy of Sciences. She is also a Level III researcher at SNI.

It should be noted that Thursday is expected to mark the appearance of Jose de Jesus Franco Lopez, the former general coordinator of the FCCyT, before FEMDO at 1:00 p.m.

For this case, Patricia Zuniga Sendigas, former technical secretary of the Scientific and Technological Consulting Forum (FCCyT) and Gabriela Dutrient-Belos, former general coordinator of the FCCyT, between 2012 and 2014.

It is expected that the remaining 31 defendants will appear gradually.

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