Joseph Baena’s Shoulder Workout You Can Skip

    Joseph Baena is obviously a regular on our website, we’ve posted many of his exercises, but this time it seems the son of Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing a shoulder exercise that, frankly, you can save in your training. This is the deltoid lateral lift machine. why? Because there are better and more effective movements to define and strengthen your middle shoulder, such as lateral weightlifting exercises. (trained by Joseph Pina, son of Schwarzenegger).

    The Joseph Pina Shoulder Workout You Can Skip

    Regardless of whether this machine fits your joints or not, we will see this exercise well as a finishing tool, but if it comes to running the middle deltoid, we always prefer the lateral raise with dumbbells.

    How to work the side lift of the machine correctly

    Initial position: Sit on the machine, bending your arms with their support at the sides of the body and the lever, in order to achieve the correct grip.

    to implement: To do the push-up, raise both arms up, bending the elbows outward. The height should be so that your arms are horizontal. Then slowly lower yourself back to the starting position.

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