José Franco Lopez joins UV’s Board of Directors

José Franco Lopez joins UV’s Board of Directors

• The researcher from the UNAM Institute of Astronomy stated that knowledge transfer is essential for the development of educational institutions

The university student said in an interview that he felt proud of this appointment because it represents a great opportunity to contribute the experiences and knowledge gained, so that this university has the best possible future.

He said that it is a great honor to be part of this collective body to ensure the interests of this educational institution, and to work to ensure that its independence operates appropriately and wisely, in addition to ensuring that financing is exercised efficiently.

Thanks to his extensive experience in scientific research and astrophysics, Franco Lopez knows how collective organizations work and the responsibilities of authorities at a university.

He noted that he was director of the UNAM Institute of Astronomy for two terms, and president of the Mexican Academy of Sciences; Director General of Science Publishing; and General Coordinator of the Scientific and Technological Advisory Forum, among other positions.

He also considered that his work in this new responsibility as a science publisher would allow him to continue his mission of communicating knowledge, which is an essential part of the development of educational institutions.

All universities in the world have related functions in the areas of teaching and research, but also in terms of disseminating knowledge with the surrounding communities; He noted that this is an important task that is increasingly being recognized.

It is a fundamental task that allows the socialization of life and work in universities in all its forms; Developments in the sciences, humanities and social sciences, as well as in the diffusion of culture, are processes that society must know and understand; “This is where I can continue to contribute grains of sand to make things work better,” he said.

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Franco López highlighted that the University of Veracruzana has a prestige that must be maintained and increased based on what it can propose and promote from its Board of Directors.

In recent years, he continued, the institutional cooperation between UNAM and Veracruzana is characterized by direct contact through various specific links, so one of my goals is to contribute to the strengthening of these relationships.

Franco Lopez was elected as an external member by a majority vote of the General Council of the University.


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