Jorge Masvidal does not see Paddy Pimblett as a future UFC champion

Jorge Masvidal thinks lightweight promising Buddy Pemblet needs to develop her skills If you want to have a chance to achieve then keep the gold in UFC.

Pemblete, the former featherweight champion in the Cage Warriors promotion, He quickly became a rising star in the first promotion of MMA. After his controversial signing in 2021, “The Baddy” made good on his first promise by eliminating Luigi Vendramini in one round at UFC Vegas 36.

In the following months, Pemblet boasted a burgeoning stardom and an inevitable rise to the lightweight ranks. The Liverpool native showed both at UFC London last month.

in front of a UK audience, The excitement surrounding Pemblet was evident, from his exit to the post-fight festivities. Although he had to overcome some adversities at first, the 27-year-old fighter He scored a second straight win in the first roundthis time by applying against Casola Vargas.

but also Pemblet has captured the attention and eyes of fans, critics and fighters.Not everyone was convinced of his credentials for the future tournament, including the two-time former title contender.

While recently appearing on Impulsive podcast, Masvidal, one of the most famous stars in the UFC, gave his opinion on Pimblett. although He hasn’t completely ruled out Liverpool’s chances, Jim Braid said he doesn’t see Pemblet leading the way with your current skill set.

“I think that It is very entertaining. I think it’s wild. But from a skills standpoint, at the moment, I don’t see him as world championMasvidal said. “But that could change, right, but his skills at the moment, I don’t think he’s at the top, where he should be now.”

Supports Masvidal Ball in a virtual battle with Pemblete

May lend credibility to Pemblett’s claim to stardom, YouTube sensation Logan Paul has recently been the name of the lightweight in his mouth.

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The movie “The Dissident” talks about a possible appearance inside the Octagon for a long time, largely because of his wrestling credentials. While appearing on Paul’s podcast, UFC President Dana White appeared to leave the door open to the idea.

Later, during an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Halawani, Logan Paul revealed that Pemblett would be his coveted opponent to enter the MMA. When asked if he thinks Paul has what it takes to beat the lighter Pemblett, Masvidal gave a somewhat emphatic answer.

“Yeah (Logan Paul was hitting him), damn it, yeah. You have wrestling, brother. The English don’t know how to fightMasvidal said. “I had to go up in weight class…(Pemblett) would probably be around 170, 175.”

While Paul has yet to join the UFC lightweight “three or four” teams Pemblett hopes to face in the coming months, Fighting against celebrities online is sure to help increase his star power. And based on his food tour after the UFC Championships in London, Al-Badi will definitely not have a problem with gaining weight.

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