Jorge Ariza has registered his candidacy for Governor of the State of Barinas

Photo: VTV

This Monday, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic Jorge Ariza Monserrat announced, Register his candidacy for Governor of Barinas Looking forward to the forces of Leader Chavez’s revolution gathered in the Great National Pole (GPP), For the upcoming elections on January 9 in Kian Yanera, On a day held in the presence of a cheerful and noisy crowd in the streets of the capital, Barinas.

“It was exciting to see this boil over for the people of Barynes; once the documents were submitted to the CNE regional office, Ariza said:

The candidate from the Venezuelan United Party (PSUV), whose appointment was announced by President Nicolás Maduro Moros on Sunday, also made a public appeal to all candidates running in the elections, to present a clean and moral contest to the people of Barinas. , while respecting the regulations established by the electoral authority, after the new call.

“We will give Barinas a clean competition, respecting regulations, different visions and commitment to the people. Through projects, give us your confidence and build the state of Barinas that this city deserves,” he summed up.

It is mentioned that after the November 21 elections, the Supreme Court of Justice addressed the opposition candidates’ complaint against one of their deputies for his lack of political capacity, in which it ordered that the elections be re-run in the entity, as happened in. history at other times.

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The socialist and Bolivarian aspirant, accompanied by figures related to the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party, among whom was the first vice president, Diosdado Cabello, who presented him before the massive popular concentration, said that as chancellor of the republic he was face to face. The eyes of the country’s external enemies, respond directly to the institutions of the world to the damage done by the alleged “sanctions” that are in fact crimes against humanity.

Ariza specified that in this struggle to secure the rule of Barinas, the original state of leader Chávez, there is a conflict between two well-known models or two poles that collide: one of the Bolivarian Revolution in favor of the social rights of the people. , and the other polo that rules from without, claiming hatred and revenge, and which only seeks to kneel before imperial interests.

He said that in this new phase of his life, he would do his best to honor the Barinas vote on his candidacy, to do great politics in Barinas, Root out corruption, solve problems, and correct where necessary to make politics an honorable institution for the benefit of citizens.

He reported that he had already made contacts with various state ministries to start visits and diagnoses that would allow the resumption of civil works that were paralyzed for various reasons in the entity, and announced that he would hold a big meeting with the councils of communes and local communities in order to listen to the people and take note of your needs.

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“When change is necessary, it will change,” he said of the government’s agenda that he will be promoting from January 9. “Count on this humble servant,” he said, noting that the changes would be progressive and powerful.

Photo: VTV

Photo: VTV

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(With information from Venezuelan TV)

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