Jonathan Rodriguez attracts interest from universities

His talent for baseball is so extraordinary that at the age of 16, at least a dozen universities are interested and are battling to award a scholarship to the newcomer. Jonathan Rodriguez.

And not less. His actions in the field surprise his coaches and teammates with the things he can do that are part of the skill set he displays.

One of them was veteran Andres Pérez Thomas, who over the course of six seasons ranked the top talent in the major leagues during the period (1985-1990) and then when he retired he began observing baseball’s most diverse wonders, after working with the Arizona Dbacks and Detroit Tigers.

Perez Thomas, a 0.234 (2103-493) hitter with the Atlanta Braves, upon first observing in person, noticed a physical resemblance to Francisco Lindor, a billionaire in the Mets, but as he watched him run, his opinion of the Puerto Rican star grew.

“He has all the tools to become a great player. As a young man, he just has to mature the innate abilities that he possesses, and take his destiny to become a professional baseball player very seriously and with dedication.”

Rodriguez is a young man who, although born in Newark, New Jersey, has his Dominican genes, a fact he shows in the field. parenthood, Jonathan Rodriguez (Santo Domingo) and Catherine Franco Rodriguez (Bani) are indigenous to this land, rich and consistent in the production of baseball players.

He plays short and has defensive skills that are superior to kids his age and with wood he has the skills to hit balls into the channels.

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Rodriguez excels in glove wear at the school level in the United States. (external source)

With great self-confidence, Rodriguez has continued his preparations with the goal of joining the US draft in the coming years, a process he hopes to enter as well prepared as possible.

To achieve this, he does this heavily in the university camp program run by Sammy Lebue, who is currently spending a few days in the Dominican Republic receiving cooperation from Pérez Thomas.

On Tuesday, for example, Rodriguez went 2-on-3 in a warm-up match, while once again showing off his quick-shooting skills as he made several great plays.

“I love coming to the Dominicans to practice and sharpen my tools, here you work hard, you see so many pitches of great diversity and I focus on improving every aspect of my game,” the teenager said.

“They are very competent, that is why the Dominican Republic has so much talent, and I aspire to become another Dominican who can reach the highest levels,” says the young man, whose greatest idol is Fernando Tates Jr.

The universities you yearn for

Some of the universities that have already made contact with their parents are; University of Virginia, Coastal Carolina, Georgetown, Duke, Maryland, Villanova, James Madison, Davison, Ohio, and George Mason.

His parents, Jonathan and Catherine, have a great task ahead of them, which is to study and analyze the person who best fits their offspring in their destiny to continue their progress in baseball.

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