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worrying. Actor health Johnny Depp Causing concern after it was He was found unconscious in his hotel room in Budapest. As a result of the controversial trial with his former partner Amber Heard, the famous artist’s career did not take off, so he devoted himself entirely to music; However, it seems he hasn’t found his way yet.

Johnny Depp had canceled a concert in Budapest due to a night out. (Photo: Valerie Haci/AFP)

Hollywood vampiresIt was formed in 2015, which is the name of Johnny Depp’s band. They are currently on tour in Europe and were to perform at a prom In Budapest, however It had to be cancelled Before the complex health of the actor.

All we heard was that Deb was like he couldn’t even leave the hotel. We also heard that a doctor was called To see if he had something worse or they were simply overdoing it with rock stars,” the international media notes.

Through their social networks, the band consisting of Johnny Depp apologized to their fans for canceling the concert that was already scheduled. However, at no point was it explained that it was for the famous actor’s health.

Everything was ready for the show: the stage, the equipment … It didn’t even occur to me that there might be a problem.Especially since the band members set up the sound during the afternoon,” the media added.

Johnny moved deeply after the trial with amber

Johnny Depp has been encouraged to explain his reasons for moving to the UK after being embroiled in a legal dispute for a few months. “I just love places with character. I have several homes in different places and they all mean something special to me.. I don’t have them just to say I have them, I have to use them and because they’re a little bit special.”

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On the other hand, what also stood out was the attitude with which the citizens of that place greeted him, confirming that he had gone unnoticed. “The British are cool and will welcome you as a neighbor without being over the top. I don’t care if people want an autograph or a quick chatBut not when I have a private moment with my family. I can go to stores without being surrounded by people who want selfies.”

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