Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Take Their First International Tour

Washington: US President, Joe Bidenand his deputy, Kamala HarrisShe will soon make her first international flights after taking office last January, according to local newspapers today.

The President will travel to the United Kingdom, Belgium and Switzerland, where he will meet many European leaders, including the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip ErdoganThe head of the Russian state, Russian President Vladimir PutinAs reported by the White House.

For her part, the Executive Vice President will travel to Mexico and Guatemala to address the immigration issue with the authorities of these two countries.

For The Hill, these appointments outside the United States are attracting attention because they indicate that the leaders of the executive branch in the northern country will leave virtual diplomacy and will move out of their country. Anti-Covid-19 bubble.

Although both are vaccinated, giving them important protection against Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, pathogenic, some additional precautions are expected, indicates the mediator.

Specifically, she is leaving the second man in the Washington government tomorrow for Guatemala, where on Monday she plans to meet with the president. Alejandro GiamattiOn Tuesday, he will meet in Mexico with the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

With both, Harris will seek to develop a comprehensive strategy that addresses the causes of irregular immigration, one of the most sensitive issues facing the White House.

For his part, Biden will be present at cShadow of G7 Which will be held from June 11-13 in the United Kingdom, where he will speak with British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and he will also visit Queen Elizabeth II.

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Later, he will move to Brussels, Belgium, to participate in NATO Summit Scheduled on June 14, and finally on the sixteenth of that month in Geneva, Switzerland, the long-awaited date was set with the Russian President, with whom he would discuss some aspects of bilateral differences.

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