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From YouTube we bring you a new and interesting video related to one of the most prominent video games in the Nintendo Switch catalog. In this case, we are talking about It is an electronic game.

In short we leave you then, we can take a look at the new cooperation of the game that includes Jinx de League of Legends in the title. You have below:

Jinx from League of Legends is making his Fortnite debut to celebrate the upcoming release of Arcane, the Riot Games animated series. This iconic character from the Riot Games team strategy game will hit the Item Shop starting November 5, 2021 at 1:00 CET. Grab the gauntlet while you can plunge into the chaos League of Legends store llega a la Epic Games.

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A trail of destruction from the Zone to the Island

Jinx Arcane outfits and additional cosmetics will arrive in the Item Shop with the Arcane: League of Legends set. Enjoy the Mono Cymbal Backpacking accessory from Jinx and get a Pium Pium Crushing Pick, made from leftover Pium Pium parts. Also, hit Play and roll it fat in Piltover using the Playground (automatic) room theme (from Arcane’s original soundtrack).

Players will be able to purchase an outfit, backpack accessories, axe, and a room theme using the Jinx Arcane Pack, which includes Jinxiado graffiti and loading screens wreaking havoc And bubble!.

Fortnite Jinxed Spray

Havoc that damages the loading screen:

Fortnite Wreaking Havoc Loading Screen

You will not be bored.

loading screen:

Fortnite Cacho! Loading screen

Jenks comes by the front door.

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