Jim Broadbent stars in “The Unlikely Pilgrimage by Harold Frey”

Representative titles like iris The Bridget Jones’ Diary He will play the character alluded to by the title, the man who embarks on the 725-kilometer march across the UK convinced that this journey will save the life of Queenie, his old friend, who is dying in a shelter.

Squad Leader Hette MacDonald, DC official Normal people. MacDonald says: “Joyce’s beautiful book was made for cinema: a raw emotional portrait of a man who has suffered from feelings of sadness and guilt for so long buried in a vast landscape.” “I find Harold’s journey through England and his belief that it can make an extraordinarily moving and inspiring difference. I am so excited to work with Jim BroadbentI know he will use his warmth, reach, and sensitivity to create an onscreen Harold that will remain deep in the hearts of everyone who watches. “

The 2012 novel won the UK National Book Award for Best New Writer of the Year and was a New York Times bestseller, selling around 5 million copies worldwide. Joyce said, “This story is very personal. It has been with me for many years and has resonated with readers, young and old.” “Reimagining it with Hettie took it to a new level and I know it will make a movie that will be beautiful, cosmopolitan and honest. It was a ‘little’ book that revolutionized the world. We want the movie to do the same.”

The film will be shot in the third quarter of the year at locations across the UK.

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