jewel! This is what some reggaeton songs would look like if they appeared on Bridgeton.

It’s so elegant and casual…the past March 25 show, season two of ‘Bridgetonperiod series produced by Netflix Which has become one of the most famous thanks to its world full of intrigue, gossip and more from London’s high society.

Maybe after the second season premiere they realize the euphoria of this book-based series Jolly Queen I’ve grown more thanks to characters like Daphne Bridgerton, Will Mondrich, Penelope Featherington And others who liked seeing more screen time.

Image: Netflix.

A user on TikTok shows us what some Reggaeton songs would look like on ‘Bridgerton’

But hey, in case you haven’t watched the series yet, don’t be in a hurry, because although we mention production, we won’t spare you spoilers and we’ll focus on A few videos we found online and caught our attention.

These are the clips posted by a TikTok user named Christian Popwho in recent days has set himself the task of showing it to us What do some reggaeton songs sound like If they were located in the United Kingdom during the nineteenth century.

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Golda Rochevel as Queen Charlotte in Bridgeton. / Photo: Netflix

They are a huge gem

A classic of yesterday and today, as with “Frikitona” for Chart “B”, or “Dile” by Don Omar, or even the famous “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee, This guy has taken it upon himself to reflect these songs as if they were being played by a quartet.

But that’s not all, since among his creations there are also some well-known fields such as “Giant Passage”, A song that many of us would dance to at parties and that they would definitely do Anthony Bridgerton and Lady Danbury on time.

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Here we leave some of these videos for you to browse HAHA:

Regardless of each one, these versions look great, so if one day you want to make a very elegant and casual party We recommend you to visit the profile “Cuarteto up below” owned by the creator of TikTok on Spotify. So they don’t say good taste doesn’t exist!

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