Jesús Fernández is committed to integrating bioethics into health science studies

Castilla-La Mancha Health Minister Jesus Fernandez Sanz has chosen to incorporate bioethics into health science studies. This came at the opening of the 7th National Conference on Medical Ethics, which is organized in Toledo by the Toledo College of Physicians.

Training in health sciences is very good, but if we add principles and values ​​such as ethics and ethics to that, the knowledge will be enriched, ”said Fernandez Sanz.

“If we can extract something good from 15 months of the epidemic, it is the response that was given from the health point of view, and taking care of people,” so the Minister of Health explained, “We must know how to give the same answers to similar situations.” “That is why we must present a bio-ethical proposal common to the entire community,” Fernandez Sanz emphasized, uniting the powers between the different bodies and departments so that we do not question the credibility.

Fernandez Sanz highlighted that Castilla-La Mancha is the independent community that has trained most of the professionals in recent years, and congratulated Daniel Gomez, MIR Exam # 1 file, trained at Ciudad Real School of Medicine, for achieving this.

“We must train professionals who know and understand chronic diseases, telemedicine, and who can serve residents in the same conditions, regardless of where they live,” he stressed. In this sense, he expressed his sincere thanks to the health professionals in these fifteen months of the pandemic for their commitment, dedication and care to solve the health problems of citizens.

The advisor added, “Without this profession, the epidemic would not have been the same, and for this reason it is the most beautiful profession in the world.”

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During the opening, Fernandez Sanz was accompanied by the President of the College of Physicians of Toledo, Natividad Lane. Chairman of the Central Ethics Committee of the General Council of Official Medical Societies, Juan José Rodriguez Cendin; And by the president of the University Medical Organization, Thomas Cobo.

The event will take place on April 16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th, and will be presented online to more than 500 registrants worldwide.