Jessica Henwick and her entry in “The Matrix”

Nearly two decades after the last film in the series, Lana Wachowski is back with a new story for the cinematic universe she helped create in 1999; The film revolves around “Matrix: Resurrections” (2021), in which Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss co-star in the main roles, but also with new actors, including young actress Jessica Henwick (UK, 1992), who rose to fame after He played “Nymeria Arena” in “Game of Thrones” (HBO), “Colleen Wing” in “Iron Fist” (Netflix) and “Jessika Pava” in “Star Wars: The Force”. awakens” (2015).

in the interview, The British-born actress reviews how she landed her role (“bugs“Skillful blue-haired warrior) in the fourth installment of the saga Starring Keanu Reeves, which premiered in theaters this week parallel to the platform flow HBO Max.

—What does it mean to you to be involved in the world of “The Matrix”?

“Well, that’s funny because I haven’t fully processed it yet.” I don’t know if it’s a conscious thing, maybe my philosophy has changed a bit as a result of my joy in getting the part, but it’s…great. I see myself as a hard-working actress and that’s why I find her amazing and I’m excited for her, but maybe because I hope something good and decisive will happen. It might happen during the premiere, but now… I can hardly process it, I think.

“How did you come to this project?” Or did the project come to you?

“I got an email—it was, I think, a week before my birthday—and I was on a field trip.” It was a month long walk so I didn’t check my emails and just turned on my phone to tell everyone I was still alive. Then I saw the email and rejected it, because I couldn’t log anything. I was in Spain, in an unknown location. It was in the middle of a long walk and there is no Wi-Fi there either. So I said to myself, No way, I don’t know if I can answer it but the truth is I rejected it. I finished that vacation and came home until September, thinking it would be forgotten. Then I got a new email from my agent saying they hadn’t found anyone for the role yet and that Lana Wachowski still wanted me to send her a video. So I pictured myself and didn’t think much about it. You know, I’ve been working on this for several years and you’re so used to doing things and giving up all hope. Otherwise, you only get hurt if you raise your hopes.

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So I forgot about it and a week or two later they called me to say, “Can you fly to Los Angeles and do a rehearsal reading with the actors who might play ‘Morpheus’?” Yahya Abdul-Mateen was the second of them. So I traveled, read with him, and two days later, waiting for an Uber, they called me from an unknown number. I answered and Lana Wachowski was saying “Hi? I’m Lana Wachowski,” I was surprised and just answered, “Would you like to be in my movie?” And that’s the story.

“Since you mentioned Lana, can you tell us a little bit about what it’s like to work with her?”

-let’s see, Live and breathe the Matrix. unbelievable. She’s lived in that universe since the first movie came out, back in 1999, and I think the Wachowskis came up with the idea 10 years earlier, so this comes a long time ago. She knows this world better than anyone else. And he’s very accurate about it. I remember doing cam tests for hairstyles and wardrobe, I would go in and say, “No, go back. Get in again. No not like that. Darker. Fun. Shorter.” Thus, he cuts and alters even the smallest details. It is very accurate.

—Your character has a very specific relationship with Thomas Anderson / Neo, can you tell us a little bit about that?

You described my character (“Bugs”) as a kind of true believer in Neo and the Matrix legend. It is a very “dead” thing. The Matrix itself is something that Bugs and people are aware of, and that represents its own history. In a world full of fake news, people are almost thinking “Is it true that this guy just existed and did what they say?” But Bugs is convinced and convinced that Neo is alive and dedicated to finding him.

“How about working with Keanu Reeves?”

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– bewitching. He is very friendly. He is a shy and calm, generous man. Working with him is to be expected, as he has a reputation for being a nice guy, and he is. We had very interesting conversations. We sat next to each other on set, and I remember him saying to me, “What do you think of the seabed?” And we can talk about history, art or politics… He’s a very smart person.

“Besides all the great elements that make up this story, this is an action movie… what kind of preparation is for the fight scenes?”

“In fact, I had to get back in shape again.” It’s kind of annoying because I’ve done scenes in the past. Training is painful at first. I always tell myself, “Oh, I’d like to stay in shape. I’m going to keep exercising when the movie is over or when the TV series is over. And all of a sudden, I cut out, I made it to the end and I’m never going back to the gym.” I remember when we finished filming This movie, I thought, “I want my next job to be like ‘Downton Abbey. I want to sit in a chair at every shot, polishing the silverware. I don’t want to run or even walk. I want to sit in every scene.” So, The hardest thing was just getting in shape.

“What do you hope the audience will experience when they are sitting in the dark in the theater watching this movie?”

“I hope you feel the same nostalgia that I did.” It is a journey through memory. Every time Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss appear on screen, it’s something…just say, “Oh my gosh.” because I hope it is fans They love nostalgia but find something new, too. We hope it gives you plenty to think about. Like the first part, it’s a complicated movie of course. I think it would require looking at me with an open mind.

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– Finally, we know what Bugs are going to do, but you, Jessica, the blue or the red pill?

Well, always the truth. I want to know. I’m intrigued by the idea of ​​finding out that we’ve been in The Matrix the whole time. Maybe we. That’s the question, you never know. Maybe we are there.


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