Jennie’s expression of despair, from Blackpink, “Giving up” without wanting King Charles III to appear goes viral on networks | celebrities

Jennie Kim, from K-Pop band BLACKPINK, has gone viral after she made a funny mask while interacting with King Charles III of England. She and other members of the South Korean group received medals at Buckingham Palace, on the fourth (22), in recognition of the role they played at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2021.

The photos I found are extraordinary all over the world, but a certain moment we need more attention on social networks.

As members of Blackpink with an honorary gift to King Charles III – Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

The short video shows a brief conversation – that moment in the elevator – between Jenny and Charles about the medal. “I hope you have the opportunity to use this,” the 75-year-old king said. Not knowing what to respond, the 27-year-old confirmed: “She will definitely try using this at home.”

The logo glares at Charles, Jenny lets out a laugh; The video then cuts to a “desperate” facial expression, typical of someone who appears stressed at an important moment.

Jenny decided to wear her um pouquinho medallion before leaving the house – Photo: Reprodução/Instagram

On social networks, you will enjoy random turns. “Jenny must be thinking: Did I say something wrong?”, brincou uma. “I can feel the tension,” he said more than once. “You will try to use it, but inside the house,” he told the netizen. “A terrified bichinha kkkkkkkkkkk,” the user summed up.

Help at the moment:

Most recently, Jennie needed to deal with a wave of criticism in South Korea after participating in the controversial series The Idol, starring The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp. At times, South Korean viewers compared the production to “pornography” and criticized Jennie for being part of the project. “Jenny, who generally has an elegant image, disappears without a trace and also works as an ambassador for a luxury brand,” a fallout article on the English website condemned. daily Mail.

“The Idol” has generated a lot of controversy since its release, not to mention that it was canceled after the end of the first season. The heroine of the novel, Lily-Rose Depp, was also criticized for excessive smoking, nudity and abs throughout her participation.

Now Jennie Kim in one of her participation in The Idol program – Photo: Reprodução/Instagram; Employment

Many critics point out the “gratuitous” nature of many of the sexual dinners, especially the one starring Depp, who plays a singer who uses sensuality — as well as frustration — to gain fame. She finds her counterpart in the history of Abel Tesfaye, or The Weeknd, which seems to encourage the artist to really explore sexuality in her career.

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